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Murarka Suitings Pvt Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and exporter of suiting, shirting, and uniform fabrics. Established in 1993 by Shri Sanjay Ji Agrawal & Shri Mahesh Ji Agrawal as a small unit, the family-run business has grown to ginormous proportions and diversified into several areas in the textile segment. The company recently saw the second generation, including Mr. Ayush Murarka, Mr. Manan Murarka, and Mr. Sarthak Murarka, join the team, bringing fresh perspectives and a renewed commitment to our values.

At Murarka Suitings, our journey is deeply rooted in a legacy of trust and excellence and we take pride in our heritage and are dedicated to upholding excellent customer service. Constantly evolving, we invest in cutting-edge technologies and techniques to guarantee our customers unparalleled products and services.

We have a weaving unit consisting of state-of-the-art Belgian and Swiss machines, producing high-quality fabric. We have a highly experienced senior management team, along with a dedicated team of engineers and supervisors, that is inclined towards sustained growth.With an in-house processing unit, we provide perfect quality and perfect style to customers at the perfect price.

We have an adept R&D team that stays on top of the industry trends and helps keep pace with changing consumer preferences. Most recently, we launched Marco Piano, a premium and bespoke suiting line. With an eye on the future, we are planing to add a host of new products to our portfolio whilst continuously improving the existing ones. 


A rapier loom is a shuttleless weaving loom in which the filling yarn is carried through the shed of warp yarns to the other side of the loom by finger-like carriers called rapiers. A stationary package of yarn is used to supply the weft yarns in the rapier machine. One end of a rapier, a rod or steel tape, carries the weft yarn. The other end of the rapier is connected to the control system. 16-17 lakh meters on weaving capacity Situated at Riico Industrial Area, Bhilwara (311001) Rajasthan

The vital part of the mechanism is the shuttle which travels across the loom inserting transversely threads one at a time (the weft) between two sets of longitudinal threads (the warp) held apart to allow the passage of the weft. 

In the orthodox machine the shuttle carries its own thread internally; it has therefore to be as large as possible but, even at its maximum practicable size, it can carry only a limited supply of weft.

16-17 lakh meters on weaving capacity

Situated at Riico Industrial Area, Bhilwara (311001) Rajasthan

Weaving Unit

300 Weaving Looms
Lean Manufacturing Practices
Rigorous Quality Control Measures


5 Stenter Machines
Hgh-Quality Dyes & Chemicals
Zero Liquid Discharge


  • Use of renewable energy- Solar generation- 2 MW
  • Water conservation- ZLD
  • Ethically sourced raw materials


  • Special emphasis on using energy produced from renewable sources such as solar and wind
  • Effort to minimize water pollution to ensure a clean and green environment
  • Particular focus on purchasing ethically-sourced raw materials


As part of our effort to give back to the society, we continuously work with a number of NGOs and organizations to fulfill our CSR commitments. Some of them include –

  • The Akshay Patra Foundation Bhilwara- Feeds underprivileged children
  • Mahatma Gandhi Hospital Bhilwara- Provides free healthcare

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